The MMC Credo

The founding fathers, the pioneers, the fighting men of Iwo Jima, and the Los Angeles Dodgers: These are our paragons, our North Stars —the men that we measure ourselves against! Will we be found wanting? Hell no, we say! This land is ours and we shall reap its glorious rewards! Forward, men! Ever forward!

A Message from our President

Dear Men,

Not only am I the President of this esteemed order, I am also a brother… And as a brother, let me welcome you with strong, open arms, and remind you of our sacred duties as husbands, fathers, and males: We’re men. We live, we work, we rule. We’re not afraid of ladies, and we certainly don’t act like them! Forward, men! Ever forward!

Yours always,

President Josephs
MMC President Ernest K. Josephs

Ernest K. Josephs


Mayor Herman Tweed

Vice President

Lieutenant O'Hara

MPD Security Liason

Chet Winters


Jack Smythe


Harold Bentley


Walter Tanley

Head of Fundraising

Barry Rand

Recording Secretary

Jerry Mahoney

Event Planner

Mel Dumont

Club Photographer

Harlan Ryan

Community Outreach

Bill McNamara

MMC Event Chairman

Are you man enough to don the helmet?

The fraternal order of the MMC was founded to provide a safe space where men can be men. Established on the values of duty, patriotism, strength, and superiority, our focus is as narrow as our membership. All men of able body are encouraged to apply.*

*Negroes, pansies, and commies excluded

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