A Brief History

Incorporated in 1765 as Fair Haven, the city was rechristened Manville in 1946 to honor our conquering heroes returning from “The Big One.” As a community, we strive to uphold the traditional, superior masculine qualities of valor, courage, and intelligence. To explore the geography of Manville, click the link below…

Map of Manville

Mayor Herman Tweed

Strong Leadership!

Elected with over 86% of the vote, the honorable Mayor Herman Tweed is leading our fair city to prosperous times ahead on a platform of family values, piety, and general decency. Meanwhile, on the street level, Lieutenant O’Hara is keeping things locked down and buttoned up to serve the greater good.

Lieutenant O’Hara

Live in Manville…

Your Dream Home Awaits!

Thinking of relocating to Manville? We’ve been hard at work building a variety of the finest suburban tract housing for families just like yours! Peruse our available styles below and pick the home which best suits your needs… Then, with a quick-approved loan from the Bank of Manville, you’ll be king of your castle in a jiffy!

The Truman

Just as Truman conquered Japan, you’ll explode over this tidy half acre plot! Welcome the Atomic Era in this stunning mid-century masterpiece, replete with bomb shelter (which can be used as a den in times of peace.) From the faux wrought iron gated entryway to the faux slate facade, you’ll be living in high style for a low, low price!

The Attila

Just like the mighty Attila himself, you have moved west and want to settle your “tribe” in a home with just a touch of oriental flair. Your “HUN”y will love the Silk Road inspired decor, while you survey your backyard empire protected from meddling neighbors by your very own Great (Privacy) Wall.


The Caesar

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this house (… it took a week!) Enter through the majestic faux marble columns into your very own Republic! When life is a circus maximus and you need an emperor’s retreat, it’s no contest… You’ll give this layout two thumbs up! Pour yourself and your Cleopatra a glass of chianti and relax in your Caesarean section (screened in lanai with Italianate wall frescoes.) If you’ve got a nose for Roman styling, this is the house for you!


The Bonaparte

Your own private Corsica! Bigger than an atelier, but smaller than Versailles, this right-sized home with European flair makes the perfect love nest for you and your Josephine. Built with high-end, contemporary amenities, the little Mrs. will LOVE the bonus hot and cold (water)loo! Don’t be fooled by its petite exterior… You’ll go crazy for this très moderne model!


“Manly deeds carried out by manly men.”

Manville Men's Club

The fraternal order of the MMC was founded to provide a safe space where men can be men. Established on the values of duty, patriotism, strength, and superiority, our focus is as narrow as our membership. All men of able body are encouraged to apply.*

*Negroes, pansies, and commies excluded

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Hearnco Laboratories

Manville’s largest and most influential employer, Hearnco Laboratories has been at the forefront of scientific and medical research and discovery since 1823. Click below to learn more about this pioneering pharmaceutical juggernaut.

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“Where nature fails, science prevails!”